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/ 10/9/13

I’m not good at writing these kind of things, but I really want to. Because you are writing nice thing about MUCC and your lives. I’ve listened MUCC ”only” three years. It all started when my friend needed someone to come in Tuska Festival with her. She said that there’s going to be MUCC and Girugamesh. I had never heard about MUCC, but I listened Girugamesh a bit, so I decided to tag along.

And oh fuck, it was my life’s best decision. Ever. When my friend noticed that MUCC was writing autographs, I just run on queue with her, I wanted to see them. I asked who’s that, what is he playin etc. I didn’t know their faces. It was so awesome to have chance to shake hands with them and get their autographs.

Then lé wild Tatsue appeared, he was the last one. He said happily ‘hiii~” and I was so flustered and confused and saig ‘moi’ (hi in finnish) He didn’t get it so I had to explain I almost died asdfghjkl. Then, he started to sing, or hum. Just that simple ”moi moi moi” and I my heart almost exploded. Even though he sang simply nonsense, it was able to move my heart so much. And those eyes staring seriously, thanking me for coming there. His hand was warm, so was his smile too. He even said ”see you later” and winked.

Tatsuro always amazes me with his ability to sing in peoples hearts. He never cease to change, but still something is always same. His heart. His heart and his soul. He’s the only singer who can make me cry. Because of him I laugh, I’m sad, I’m over hysteric, I’m dreaming, I’m living.

I’ve seen MUCC three times, but I really, really want to see them again. Thank you for existing.

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